San Mateo Burglaries Continue

In the month of October San Mateo Police reported 12 burglaries in the Shoreview Neighborhood of San Mateo.  During this run of thefts residents reported missing electronics and jewelery, items that can be sold for quick cash.  Residents also reported that the occurences took place during weekdays.  These burglaries caused San Mateo Police to issue a statement warning local residents of what was going on.

The statement didn’t seem to deter the intruders.  Just last week the San Mateo Police Department reported that 7 burglaries indeed occured in the city.  Reports indicate that burglars have been dressing up as either utility workers or salespeople and knocking on doors looking for houses where no residents are home.  They then enter through either a window or an unlocked door to begin their mischief.

Locking your doors and windows is not enough.  If you see suspicious behavior in the community be sure to call police.  Police are currently on alert and are encouraging residents to call them if they see anything “out of the ordinary”.

San Mateo is not the only place where burglary is running rampant.  Several reports of burglaries have taken place in San Carlos and Belmont.  Three arrests were made in September (two being under the age of 18), but it seems that the crimes have continued.  If you notice any suspicious activity call the local authorities.

Let’s help protect each other and our valuables.

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